Rules and regulations


The race can be completed only by running or walking. Using any other means of transportation will result of disqualification.

All participants must protect our environment during the race. Any kind of littering will result of immediate disqualification. Littering participants will not be accepted in any future Pilis Trail race.

All participants must be aware of the difficulty of the race and must be physically and mentally prepared.

All competitors enter the race on their own risk considering their health status and physical readiness.

There will be no obligatory equipment’s on the race, but we strongly suggest having at least the following

  • Water container, drinking cup (there will be no disposable cup on the aid stations)
  • Trail running shoes and running clothes
  • Mobile phone fully charged and switched on during the race
  • ID card and cash

The participant accepts that during registration and obtaining the race bib organizers might request their ID card/passport. Without valid ID or passport participant might be rejected.

Competitors must pass all checkpoints and check in with the provided time tracker. Missing any checkpoint will result in DNF. The organizers preserve the right to establish not announced checkpoints during the course. Missing any of those checkpoints will result also in DNF.

Entering on the race is only possible with a valid registration. There will be no possibility to sign up after the registration period or onsite.

By registering the race all competitors consent that organizers can freely use the photo and video materials captured during the race.

The race is open for runners with dog. The dog must be on leash at all times and the runners with dog must pay attention to others ensuring other runners are not disturbed by the dog. 

The organizers preserve the right to modify the courses or cancel the race in case of serious weather conditions or any other vis major cases.

The competitor by registering on the race accepts the above rules and regulations and acknowledge the fact that controversial cases will be subject of unique decision by the organizers. Those decisions will be published on